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Loci placed on each chromosome of RefGen_v2 using sequence matching compared to Locus Lookup
- predicted locations based on the genetic map ISU Integrated IBM 2009 2

For each chromosome a table lists loci that are placed on B73 RefGen_v2 by sequence similarity (via BLAST), and compares that position to their predicted genomic position based on their genetic position on the ISU Integrated IBM 2009 map. Place your cursor over the column headings for more details. This viewer displays regions of the genome assembly where the assembly itself needs improvement and serves as a warning to researchers working in those regions to be careful with interpreting data in those locations.

Chromosome 1
Chromosome 2
Chromosome 3
Chromosome 4
Chromosome 5
Chromosome 6
Chromosome 7
Chromosome 8
Chromosome 9
Chromosome 10