Due to the lapse in funding in the federal government, MaizeGDB will be available only for informational purposes by non-federal employees. Until further notice, the website and community database will not be updated or maintained, and MaizeGDB staff will be unable to respond to feedback or emails.

Maize Genetics Executive Committee

It is the mission of the Maize Genetics Executive Committee to identify both the needs and the opportunities for maize genetics, and to communicate this information to the broadest possible life science community. This community includes scientists, funding sources for scientists, and the end users for the accomplishments of maize genetics, from farmers to consumers. - Jeff Bennetzen, MNL 75

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The McClintock Prize for Plant Genetics and Genome Studies

2018 Winner: Dr. Rob Martienssen (Announcement)

2018 McClintock Award Introduction slides by Dr. Paul Chomet

2019 Winner: Dr. Detlef Weigel (Announcement)