Overgo Data In MaizeGDB

Simple Overgo Search

This search form allows you to just enter basic name info to quickly retrieve the desired overgo.
Use the wildcards '%' or '*' to find matches that contain your search term. '^' at the beginning of search term will find matches that start with that term. '$' at the end of search term will find matches that end with that term.

(see a sample overgo search)

    (upper limit on results is 2,000 records)

The above search, given as an example, lets you find overgos developed from the 486 library of the Maize Gene Discovery Project. Another interesting sample query would be %486055D02 (which retrieves an overgo designed from a specific member of that 486 library).

From the Maize Mapping Project, you can find overgos prepared by DuPont/Incyte using a search like cl% (combined public/private cluster), pc% (public cluster), or si% (public singleton), which retrieves overgos designed for the project.

This search can be executed on every page on the site by utilizing the form in the upper right corner. Choose "Overgo" from the drop-down menu, enter your search term in the field, and hit return to find the overgo you're looking for.

Overgo Sequence Search

This search form allows you to enter snippets of nucleotide sequence (up to 25 bp) and find all exact matches in the overgo sequences we have.

Download all overgo sequences.

Discussion of overgo for the General Public

A description of an overgo probe can be found at NCBI here.